Can’t find anyone to defend it.

On Flutterby Dan pointed to a Huffington article about a Dayton, Ohio paper that couldn’t find anyone to write a counter argument to a pro-legalization argument for marijuana. The Dayton City Paper ran a whole page article on one side of the paper in favor of the legalization of marijuana in Ohio. The opposite side of the paper has only this editor’s note in the center of an otherwise empty page:

“On behalf of the Dayton City Paper staff, we apologize, but we were unable to locate a debate writer who was able to submit a view opposed to the legalization of marijuana in Ohio at this time.”

It is time for the federal government to get out of the way on this issue and drop marijuana from the Schedule I list. Let the states decide whether or not marijuana legalization is right for them and provide guidance and enforcement for the interstate and international trade in the plant but get out of the way of states legalizing the substance for use and trade within the state.

This is an issue that I will address and press hard for if you write in my name on the ballot for U.S. Senate. Let the states decide the legal status of marijuana. One size fits all laws do not work.

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You Can’t Be Afraid of the Truth

Either background checks reduce gun violence or they don’t. It makes common sense then to look at the facts and determine which it is before you decide to be for or against background checks. The trouble is that we don’t really have the facts. Efforts to gather those facts have been stymied for the past twenty years by politicians on both sides of the aisle but mostly by Republicans

The reason given for blocking the CDC from studying gun violence is that the results of any study is going to be biased and used as propaganda by the gun control lobby. I’m not sure how they determined the results would be biased toward supporting gun control measures. The CDC is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, a very pro-gun city in a very pro-gun state. We trust the CDC to be unbiased in every other aspect of our health, why would we not trust them to be unbiased in studying gun violence?

Last year, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) seemed to thaw to the idea of having studies done on gun violence as long as every aspect of the problem was studied,  especially mentioning studying the effect video games and other media has on gun violence. That seemed to be a reasonable stance to me indicating that Kingston could be a reasonable man.

This year Kingston is a candidate in the crowded Republican primary to replace retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss. This year his opinion on what should be done about studying gun violence has changed.

In a statement to ProPublica, Kingston said he would oppose a proposal from President Obama for $10 million in CDC gun research funding. “The President’s request to fund propaganda for his gun-grabbing initiatives though the CDC will not be included in the FY2015 appropriations bill,” Kingston said.

via Republicans thwart gun violence research by CDC.

I was hoping that Kingston might be moderate and reasonable enough for me to vote for. He isn’t. I can’t support him.

Background checks on the purchase of firearms either decreases gun violence or they don’t. Should you write my name in for the office of U.S. Senate for the great state of Georgia I will support the funding of studies to find this out. I can not support a federal law on these background checks but I fully support states deciding for themselves whether or not these laws are right for them. They can’t make informed choices on this matter without good facts.

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Assad seems to be a gas bag.

On the one hand we have this report:

Allegations that Bashar al-Assad’s forces used chemical weapons in recent attacks gained traction on Sunday when France said it had “information” of toxic gases being used against opposition targets.

The claim, by the French president, François Hollande, follows accusations by the exiled Syrian opposition and rebel groups in the west and south of the country that gas has been used nine times in the past two months, killing more than 10 people and affecting hundreds more.

via France backs claims that Syrian forces have used chemical weapons recently | World news |

And on the other hand we have this one:

In remarks on April 19, Kaag said Damascus has removed 80 percent of its declared CW. She said the Assad regime could meet an April 27 deadline to surrender the rest of the weapons agents.

Over the last few weeks, the international community reported an intensification of Syrian efforts to honor its commitment to eradicate some 1,000 tons of CW agents. For months, OPCW cited missed Syrian deadlines, and at one point the United States accused Assad of reneging on his agreement.

via UN: Syria has removed 80 percent of chemical weapons arsenal – World Tribune | World Tribune.

Seriously, who do we believe? I suppose both could be true but I can’t help but think that Assad and Putin are punking us and the rest of the world.

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Larry for Senate

I found out that to be a qualified candidate for a write-in campaign in Georgia one needs only to notify the Secretary of State’s office of your intentions to be a write in candidate and place an ad in one Georgia paper stating you are running. I’ll announce my intentions right now to do just that for the office of US Senator from Georgia. I’ll wait until after the primaries, of course, but in the election you will be able to write in a vote for me, if you are registered to vote in Georgia, and your vote for me will count.

I’ll set up a campaign site on this weblog over the weekend. I think this will give me the opportunity to express some ideas that I haven’t done so well expressing on here in the past thirteen years writing here. I hope I can entertain and maybe even make you think with this campaign. With some luck perhaps you might even vote for me.

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Remove All Taxes Levied on Business Is The Answer

An article in PandoDaily bemoans all the government subsidies going to Fortune 500 companies. They give the Koch Industries as an example (naturally).

Consider Koch Industries. Despite the Koch Brothers being the biggest financiers of the anti-government right, and despite their billing as libertarian “free market” activists, their company has relied on $88 million worth of government subsidies.

via Fortune 500 companies receive $63 billion in subsidies | PandoDaily.

Now I don’t support government subsidizing business but I think the term “relied on” in the above excerpt from the article could more accurately sum up what KI has done by replacing it with availed themselves of legal government programs set up to promote commerce and economic growth in specific sectors or specific parts of the country.

Personally I think the best way to get rid of government subsidies for business would be to remove the taxes on business. If you aren’t paying any tax you can’t receive tax breaks or rebates and it levels the playing field for all business and not just the large corporations.

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Another filthy rich white guy wants to do away with income taxes.

Consumption taxes are coming. It’s the only fair way to tax the people of this country and the only way to tax at the rate required to fund our government without driving away the capital needed to fuel the economy. Even the nations wealthiest philanthropist thinks so.

Bill Gates thinks the federal government should do away with payroll taxes and income taxes entirely.

via Bill Gates Fears ‘Robots’ Will Soon Take Over Many Low Skilled Jobs.


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Paul Ryan’s worst nightmare: Here’s the real way to cut poverty in America –

There is much in this article for me to disagree with (for one, giving money away and other methods of providing safety nets do not reduce poverty, they just blunt the hit for those finding themselves poor) but he does come to a conclusion that I’m fully in agreement with:

But the countries with really generous welfare states and social insurance systems, like those of Scandinavia, do not pay for them chiefly or solely with “soak-the-rich” income taxation. Progressive income taxes are part of the mix — but as Peter Lindert has pointed out, broad, relatively regressive taxes that fall on the middle class and working class, such as payroll taxes and the value-added tax VAT, a consumption tax, are necessary to fund governments that take a bigger bite out of a nation’s GDP without inducing capital flight — or even capitalist flight.

via Paul Ryan’s worst nightmare: Here’s the real way to cut poverty in America –

A consumption tax is going to be necessary to fund the government at the rate it is demanding that it be funded and not cause more capital to flee than already is taking place.

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Smart Balance Melts GMO Option

Smart Balance is one manufacturer of packaged foods that is contributing to the rise in non-GMO foods. Sales of GMO-free food an beverages rose at a projected 15% compound annual growth rate through 2017. However, that is still small potatoes considering the near dominance over the food chain by large seed suppliers like Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Dupont.

Between Monsanto, DuPont, and Swiss-based Syngenta , the three biotechs control 53% of the world’s seed production. Some 94% of all soy, for which DuPont is the world’s dominant producer, is genetically modified. More than half of our sugar comes from sugar beets, 95% of which is grown from Monsanto’s GM, and 86% of all corn grown in the U.S. is from lab-altered seed. And where 87% of canola is also genetically modified, 80% of wild canola, or rapeseed, has been contaminated because of the escape into the wild of these genes.

via Smart Balance Melts GMO Option – DailyFinance.

At some point, though, the growth in demand for GMO-free foods is going to hit those big seed producers in the purse and they will have to find ways to provide what the consumer wants.

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Congress steps up action on Ukraine

Looks like we are getting tough with Putin on this Ukraine thing. One of our leading House committees has approved a symbolic resolution on the issue:

The House Foreign Relations Committee’s resolution condemns Russia for its occupation of the Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula and called on the Obama administration to enact tough financial and trade sanctions against Russia.

via Congress steps up action on Ukraine.

Personally I think Congress is wussing out on Russia’s invasion of the Crimean peninsula. Historically speaking, Russia has given us enough provocation for us to start an aerial bombardment of their troops and ships and place boots on the ground as soon as aerial superiority is achieved.

Don’t believe me? Russia flooded Crimea with troops and stationed troops on their border with Ukraine. Iraq flooded Kuwait with troops. Numerous treaties and documents spell out Ukraine’s sovereignty and the Crimean’s relationship with Ukraine. Numerous treaties and documents spelled out Kuwait’s sovereignty. Russia has oil. Iraq has oil. Russia has weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was only suspected of having weapons of mass destruction.

The precedent is clear. We must invade Russia.

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Woman Shoots Gunman in Her Garage

You hear it all the time, the people saying that if someone has the drop on you with their gun you’ll never reach your own gun in time to defend yourself. That isn’t true as we see by an incident in Detroit.

Saturday’s other incident happened at about 12:30 a.m. on Abrington, on the city’s west side, when a woman pulled her car into the garage, and was surprised by a gunman. The woman threw her keys to distract the man, reached for her own gun, and fatally shot him.

via Police: West side Detroit homeowner shoots, kills man trying to break in | The Detroit News.

The story tells about homeowners defending themselves three times last week from home invasions with their own guns.

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Do Facts Matter Any More?

Saw this on Twitter:

RT @Hendems: Please Share & Tweet this ….

As far as I know all you need to do to buy a car is show your money. If the title is signed over you legally own the car whether the title is registered to the DMV or not and that is perfectly legal as long as the car doesn’t make an appearance on a public road. If you buy a gun from a dealer you must pass a background check in all states and in some states you must get a permit to just purchase a gun.

In all but three states; Arizona, Alaska and New Hampshire; you must have a permit to carry a gun in public. The requirements for receiving range from passing a background check only to passing a background check, having a certificate proving completion of an approved safety course and approval of the local sheriff.

The analogy that Lt. Col. Bateman is trying to draw here is inaccurate. It’s comparing apples to oranges. In every state buying a firearm is at least as regulated as buying a car and in almost every state carrying a firearm in public is at least as regulated as driving a car. In every state the usage of a firearm is far more heavily regulated than the usage of a motor vehicle.

Make your argument with facts. Don’t just make up an argument.

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Another Study That Makes Me Go, “Duh!”

“Gun violence drastically increases during the ages of around 15 to around 29. You are much more likely to be shot either fatally or nonfat ally when you’re in that period,” said Chelsea Parsons, associate director of crime and firearms policy at the center.

via Gun Violence in U.S. Disproportionately Affects People Under 30 – News – Politics – Voice of Russia – US Edition.

Really?! I would imagine if you studied it you would also find out that fist violence drastically increases during the ages of around 15 to around 29 and I would imagine that these findings would also hold true regardless of the nation and regardless of the overall gun violence rate of the country. It’s called growing up.

My comments have nothing to do with gun control here. Regardless of your views on guns if you have one bit of common sense you have to agree with me.

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In search of an affordable shave

My first razor was a Schick injector. I loved that simple razor.  It had no moving parts, just a spring steel clamp that was opened with a tool on the blade package that was inserted in a slot in the razor head. The blade was then injected from the package into the head with a pusher in the package tool.

The razor was brass colored with a plastic imitation ivory handle and the blades gave about a weeks worth of shaves before starting to pull. I used it and a shaving mug and brush for about fifteen years before the blades got too hard to find and I started using the Bic throwaway razors instead.

Somewhere along the way I started using a Gillette Fusion five bladed razor. I bought one out of curiosity and discovered about the smoothest shave anyone could ask for with a blade that with the proper care would last for a couple of months before pulling set in and a blade change was necessary.

I was tickled to death with this razor until about a year ago when the price of a pack of four blades reached $18.00 in the local stores. I started thinking about the $1.50 price on the package of seven injector blades and I decided that there should be a more affordable shave out there.

I came up with two possible alternatives. One being offered by The Dollar Shave Club and the other is Harry’s. After some recommendations by friends I settled on The Dollar Shave Club’s $6.00 four bladed razor. I received the razor this past Friday. This morning I gave it a try.

Brand new the razor gives a very acceptable shave. I can’t rate it as high as the Gillette Fusion in comfort but it is very close to it. At a 66% discount over the Gillette it is definitely a better value brand new. I’ll report back in a month to let you know about long term value.

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