Daily Archives: Friday, 05-Jan-2001

Now this is just down right ridiculous. [ I N S I D E ] Wary of a Video Napster, Hollywood Plots a TV Crackdown tells of an “obliteration application” that is suppose to prevent HDTV signals from going anywhere other than where it is intended. How long would it take any of you to find a black market cable box to give you free pay-per-view? Between this, DeCSS and what the software industry went through with software copy protection devices it looks like the movie and TV industry would learn that it will only lead to an escalation of the technology to steal from them.

Are you interested? Sorry we don’t offer it.

A lady representing BellSouth´┐Ż FastAccess Internet Service gave me a call last night to find out if I had heard about their broadband services and to find out if I had a computer. “Yes, yes and yes I’m interested”, I replied. “Is it finally available to me?”, I asked. “Let me see . . . , no,” she said. Now why didn’t she check that out before interrupting my supper? Now I know why. She didn’t check because that was not what she was trained to do. Perhaps if she is a bright enough person with a good attitude toward her job she may have gone directly to her supervisor after our conversation and suggested that they begin doing that before making the call. I don’t think she did. If she was that bright she would probably be doing something other than telemarketing.