Daily Archives: Tuesday, 09-Jan-2001

The Department of Justice has quick reference chart on Prosecuting Intellectual Property Crimes which includes strategies to use to ensure an “appropriate sentance.” It sure is nice of them to offer this information in ways that will help me understand what I must do to ensure as little sentance as possible should I ever decide I want a career as an intellectual property pirate.

Remember the Concorde? Another report has been released by France’s Air Accident Investigation Bureau (BEA) and according to a report in AVweb’s NewsWire (08-January-01) the finger is definatly being pointed at Continental Airline’s maintenance of a DC-10 that took off just prior to the Concorde. Faulty maintenance on an airplane always needs to be addressed but I don’t think that a blown tire ought to result in the catastrophic failure that we saw in the Concorde crash.