Daily Archives: Monday, 29-Jan-2001

A report in The Register tells us that Microsoft may be able to learn, quickly, from its mistakes. It appears that they have offloaded at least some of their domain name services to Akamai Technologies whose DNS servers are geographically dispersed. Ironically these servers may be running Linux instead of Microsoft operating systems.

I’ve got mixed emotions about the Airline Passengers Bill of Rights that is being brought up again in congress. The aviation industry is going through a time where demand is far outstripping their ability to supply. Buying more planes and building more runways isn’t going to be all it takes to solve the problem. Pilots and flight crews and air traffic controllers are going to be needed to fly these new planes from one place to another and you don’t train these people overnight. I don’t see how customer service in the airline industry will ever get any better until the airlines are willing to admit up front that they may not be able to reliably get you to your destination on time.