Daily Archives: Tuesday, 30-Jan-2001

This Wired article,Will the Hatemongers Survive?, is scary in its implications along with what it is reporting. I can see it being used to show a legitimate need for censorship of the Web.

CNN.com is reporting That Southern California Edison took $4.8 billion in dividends and transferred those dollars to their parent company Edison International between 1/1/96 and 11/30/2000. The company is now claiming they can’t pay their bills.

“Basically they took the money and ran,” Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, D-San Francisco, said late Monday night. “Had they not done that they would not be in the financial problem they are in. If ratepayers bail them out, ratepayers should get something in return, like power lines or something.”

If ratepayers don’t bail them out then the ratepayers are going to be without power until another entity can take Southern California Edison’s place. This is what happens when you kind of, sort of deregulate but leave monopolies in place.

According to The Dallas Morning News Fairfax County, Virginia may make it illegal to sleep anywhere other than a bedroom. Okay, they are attempting to address a legitimate problem of cramming 27 people into a two room apartment but this is a poorly conceived solution to the problem.

Nigerian Scam

I’m sure all of you have heard of the Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Scams by now. I’ve seen faxes and hand written letters claiming to want help in moving $40,000,000 out of Nigeria using the recepient’s bank account in exchange for some percentage of the money. I’ve wondered about contacting these people, just out of curiosity, without actually giving them any information to see where this is going. According to the above link, don’t. These folks are involved in a scam that racks in billions every year. They are not above enticing you to Nigeria to kidnap you. The above link is an extremely interesting tale on a very interesting website.

Flying can be scary for some people. Personally, I’m more terrified waiting for the plane to get into the air than I could ever be while actually flying. This AVweb NewsWire (29-January-01) explains why. Runway incursions are becoming an ever increasing threat to air safety.

Do you lie to pollsters? Do you give out the number for the local weather recording when a sales clerk ask for your phone number just for the records? Well, bucko, this site may be for you. Rob’s Giant BonusCard Swap Meet allows you to swap barcodes with other Giant Foodstore BonusCard users. Why would you want to do this? It’s a privacy issue matter. The marketing people that want to give you a discount in exchange for data on your buying habits are going to go bonkers trying to figure out the demographics and shopping habits of these musical chair barcodes. You aren’t a Giant Foodstore customer? No problem, Rob is attempting to expand this swap meet to other stores. All you need to do is scan your stores card and email the graphic to him.