Daily Archives: Thursday, 01-Feb-2001

Why does Wired think this article,MS Exec: Linux Is Going Down, is news worthy?

These are three key Linux trends to watch for in 2001: a static growth rate, lessening mainstream interest in the open source operating system, and a sharp decline in Linux-based companies’ stock value, said Doug Miller, Microsoft’s group product manager for competitive strategies.

What else is this guy suppose to say? Something good about Linux? It’s this fellows job to call into question the viablity of any and all competitors products.

As far as his “key trends” go, we are in a slowing economy so a static growth rate can be expected for the next few months, including MS’s own growth rate. The economy is also going to adversely affect Linux-based companies’ stock value just as it will affect all young companies’ stock value. As far as “lessening mainstream interest” goes, I don’t really see how a good number can be found that will describe this trend. Surely a number can be found to corroborate any opinion that one might want to promote.