Daily Archives: Wednesday, 21-Feb-2001

I knew his association with NA was going to be strained. PGP Creator Bolts to Hush

Phil Zimmermann, the legendary creator of e-mail and file-encryption program PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), will become the chief cryptographer for Web-based e-mail company Hush Communications.

I hope ya’ll realize that with Hush Communications being based in Dublin the US has lost any and all control over the export of his code to wherever he wishes to do business.

Arrgh! The insanity continues: Boston Globe Online reports Few limits on who buys knives online

The largely unregulated world of online knife sales was thrown into the spotlight yesterday when prosecutors said that either Robert Tulloch, 17, or James Parker, 16, bought a military-style knife on the Internet – and allegedly used it in the slaying of two Dartmouth College professors.

Will someone tell me what they think is so complicated about a knife that would prevent someone from just making one? It doesn’t take much to figure out how to put a sharp edge on a piece of metal or even a piece of plastic.