Daily Archives: Monday, 26-Feb-2001

Talking about lying with statistics, the RIAA seems to have really put one over on AP, according to Slashdot | Napster Helps RIAA Again; RIAA Still Ungrateful (Updated)
It seems that there is a little difference between what we are being led to believe and what is actually happening. AP is reporting that CD sales are down 39% but /. is looking at RIAA’s actual numbers and finding them to say something else:

That’s right, CD singles. Unit sales for the singles were down 39%, revenue down 36% (they raised prices, of course).
And CD singles account for how much of the RIAA’s profits?
Not quite one percent.
Yes, that’s right: they lost 36% of 1% of their profits.
And the news media is reporting it as a 39% loss.

The article goes on to point out that the RIAA is making money in the areas that Napster is involved in (CD’s and other digital formats) but losing sales in the areas where Napster isn’t involved (analog stuff like cassettes and vinyl).