Daily Archives: Tuesday, 03-Apr-2001

Time after time, all across this country we see that Education Takes Back Seat To Political Motivations. It’s happening here in Chattanooga with a huge resistance by public education “advocates” to charter schools and school administrators heckling local education watchdogs.

A friend brought www.psychoexgirlfriend.com to my attention. On the surface it seems like the guy had some bad luck breaking up with a crazy but if you dig a little deeper you find that this site appears to be a little contrived and he’s selling t-shirts. Perhaps the girlfriend isn’t so psycho. Maybe the guy is just a jerk. What makes me thinks this is all the more the case is the one phone call that he took off the site but was available through a Napster-like search of the net. Listen to psychoex-31.mp3 and decide for yourself.