Daily Archives: Wednesday, 02-May-2001

Okay, I told you I’d let you know my logic behind implementing HTML that would break some older browsers. I think this website, The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers, can present my case much better than I can. Basically it boils down to time. By implementing CSS and a standard design across my site I can save myself a bunch of editing time when I need to make a change across my entire site.

It is time consuming to try to keep everything updated on this site. Some times things just don’t get done because this site isn’t bringing in a dime and I’ve got to budget my time to things that will bring in some money or will keep my wife and kids happy. The easier it is to update this site the more often I’ll do it and things won’t get as stale as they have been lately.

BTW, notice the forums section in the menu bar to the right. Until I get a comment system operating on this site the forums are as good a place as any to comment on my entries.

I’m in the middle of switching the design for my entire site over to using cascading style sheets and heading toward HTML 4. This will break some of the older browsers. I apologize for that but it has to be done to move in the direction that I’m wanting to move toward. I’ll try to explain why a little later but right now I’m wrestling with some gremlins. My HTML is not validating and I can’t see where the problem is.