Daily Archives: Thursday, 10-May-2001

I’ve been discussing Geocaching with some friends of mine. It seems not everyone is all keen on the idea of a staged treasure hunt with a handheld GPS. Some folks feel that the caches these folks are planting to be found are no more than litter. After talking to a number of land managers and park superintendents of land that published caches are located on I think I’ve got to agree. Not one of the persons I talked to that was charged with overseeing the land had been asked permission for the cache to be located on their property. Folks, that’s the definition of litter.

I still think that Geocaching is a neat sport and a way to get people out into nature that might otherwise sit at home on the couch. I think it’s a wonderful activity for a family to participate in that would allow parents a chance to teach their children something about respect for nature. Just get permission if you decide you want to plant your own cache.

These folks in charge of the lands are very approachable and can help you plant the cache in a location and in a way that will be least intrusive on the environment. There are a lot of endangered plants that can be damaged by people trying to locate a cache if the location of the cache isn’t thought out ahead of time. A park ranger knows where these plants are growing and where the dangerous terrain is. Ask them for help.