Daily Archives: Wednesday, 13-Jun-2001

According to a CDC Media Relations Press Release, the teenage pregnancy rate in the US is the lowest now since records on this statistic began being kept in 1976.

Teenage pregnancy rates declined for all teenagers with the steepest declines among non-Hispanic black (down 23 percent) and white (down 26 percent) teenagers. The overall decline is attributable to both reduced rates of live births (down 13 percent) and abortions (down 32 percent). Teen birth rates are available through 1999 and show a continued decline, totaling 20 percent since 1991.

Among the factors believed to be driving this downturn in teen pregnancies are increases in condom use, the adoption of the effective injectable and implant contraceptives, and the leveling off of teen sexual activity.

For this father of a couple of teenagers, this is extermely encouraging.