Daily Archives: Thursday, 14-Jun-2001

Okay, we all know that Bush is weak on ecology. Right? Well, Experts Say Bush Is Targeting Problems of Global Warming, something the Clinton Administration gave a lot of lip service to but never implemented anything workable. This is a surprise to me and I think it is also a surprise to GW Bush. :-)

Okay, there is also something this article brings up that I don’t understand. Aside from all the good things it would do for the environment, what’s in it for us to sign this Kyota accord? I mean, this was in the article:

The least aggressive strategy under consideration would be a variation of the status quo. The administration would continue to encourage companies to reduce emissions and commit to investing more money over the long term to develop technologies that would limit future emissions.

The danger of this option is that U.S. allies would probably consider it inadequate and try to forge ahead with the Kyoto agreement without the United States.

“If what the U.S. puts on the table is laughable and weak, it makes it easy for the rest of the world to go ahead without us,” said Alden Meyer of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

If the agreement isn’t agreeable to us why should we care if the rest of the world goes ahead with the plan without us? Is there something there to force us into line with the agreement?

I’m a few days late on this but the Supreme Court says, Can’t Scan Without a Warrant. In light of recent, in my opinion, regressive decisions regarding individual rights, i.e. the weakening of Miranda rights, this decision comes as a pleasant surprise.

My problem with law enforcement using such technology for surveillence purposes does not stem from my concern for the people that have given law enforcement reasonable cause to suspect of conducting illegal activities but from the use of such technology as a matter of course. Had the decision gone the other direction how long would it have been before some law enforcement officers just randomly scanned houses to check on suspisious activities. With technology moving at the rate it is moving it will not be long before an amazing amount of detail can be discerned from thermal imaging and radar scanning. As the article points out noting the time of occupants of a house entering a shower or a sauna and even identifying which occupant is doing so is not to far in the future.

Wind Done Gone is now available in some bookstores. I wonder if the Mitchell Estate actually did the author, Alice Randall, a favor in creating the controversy. If any one reads this book let me know if it actually is worth reading. I have a feeling it will be on the NYT’s best seller list regardless of its worth as a piece of literature.