Daily Archives: Saturday, 16-Jun-2001

What do you know, my local news is now national news.Good Morning America reported on A mother being found guilty of homicide for not having her child in a child restraint seat.I’m actually not too terribly troubled by the verdict itself, afterall the kid did die due to her negligence. What does bother me is the hypocrisy of the assistant DA in this statement:

Despite some criticism that Jones is a young mother from a low-income family who has been singled out for not using a car seat, Masterson said the evidence was there and the prosecution met its burden in this case.

Of course the evidence was there, but the question was dodged in such a way to give the impression of a denial. Had this been someone with the financial resources to properly fight this out in court the prosecuation would have factored that in while making the decision of whether or not the evidence was strong enough to win.

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