Daily Archives: Sunday, 24-Jun-2001

I took a trip to Nashville Saturday. I took my wife, my youngest son and a friend of his to Opry Mills, the big Mall that replaced Opryland. While there we ate at the Alabama Grille. The service at this place was horrible. The waiter that seated us failed to give us menus until we asked for them. He brought me a glass of water with whipped cream on the inside of the glass. That really wouldn’t have bothered me too badly had I discovered the whipped cream before taking a couple of sips out the glass. He brought us small saucers, which usually signifies that bread is coming, but we never saw any bread. Our salad was given to us about three minutes before our entree was brought out which meant we had more dishes on the table than the table could hold.

Now, the food was delicious but after the bad service it was difficult to really enjoy it. I paid the bill with a credit card and was given the receipt to sign with no pen and the waiter promptly disappeared. My son, by luck, had a pen so I didn’t have to wait for the waiter to return. As we were leaving a server brought out a tray and set it up in the aisle where we could not get by and we had to walk all around the restaurant to leave.

On top of all this I discovered that my credit card was missing after I left the place. Now I really can’t blame the place for this but, still, had I not been so flustered with the experience I probably would not have missed my wallet with the card while replacing it back to my pocket. Someone in Nashville got a complementary tank of gas before I could cancel the card.

Just had to vent about it a little.