Daily Archives: Wednesday, 27-Jun-2001

The story of Vicky Moore is, indeed, one of irony. Vicki founded FAACE, fight against animal cruelty in Europe, and spent a great deal of her time working to stop the bullfights and blood fiestas in Spain. In 1995 she was almost killed by an attacking bull in a village in Spain.

In an issue that shows that taking good things to an extreme can become a bad thing the nation’s High court agrees to hear a paper-swapping case that could end a teacher’s ability to have students grade each other’s papers. It seems that there is a federal law prohibiting the disclosure of student records without the consent of the parent, which, on it’s face, is a good thing but consider this argument:

Even placing a gold star on a student’s artwork could possibly be considered disclosure under the federal appeals court decision, said Jerry A. Richardson, attorney for the suburban Tulsa district.

“And the fact your star quarterback is not playing … is that a disclosure when the fact he’s not playing reveals he didn’t having passing grades this week?” Richardson said.

I don’t think this is the direction that privacy rights were intended to take.

In this Miami Herald article, Key West police chief has journalist critic arrested, the police chief has a comeback to a question regarding the constitutionality of the law that he arrested a journalist under that should go into the dictionary as an example of circular logic.

“For this country, it’s an unusual law, it clearly puts restrictions on the journalists, which we usually don’t do,” Dillon said. “He said I’m trying to gag him. Well, this law is referred to as `the Gag Law.’ That’s what this law is intended to do, so we can have a fair and impartial investigation. He may not like it, and I’m sure you as a journalist don’t like it, but it’s a state of Florida law.”

The law in question was ruled unconstitutional 10 years ago by a federal judge. One can only wonder why it is still on the books.