Daily Archives: Friday, 06-Jul-2001

Browser Emulator

Angel passes along this link to a Browser emulator. It’s interesting to look at sites through this thing. In my not so humble opinion for a site to be well designed it should still be useful to someone using any of the browsers being emulated. Check some of your favorite sites with the various browsers being emulated and then come back and check out this site with it.

Reason magazine interviews Prof. Bradley Smith and it’s a pretty interesting read. Prof. Smith is the Federal Election Commission member who believes that much of the federal election law is unconstitutional. He has some compelling arguments against financial disclosure in political campaigns that I tend to agree with.

For example, during my time in office, I have begun to question if thereís any benefit from disclosure. Iím not seeing that we are getting many benefits out of it, and itís one of the areas where we are really ending up discouraging grassroots organizing. The disclosure regulations are some of the most burdensome. Disclosure limits free speech because it allows the government to retaliate against people. The Supreme Court has consistently held that people do have a right to anonymous speech. The cases speak for themselves.