Daily Archives: Wednesday, 08-Aug-2001

Going along with the theme of today, which seems to be the long arm of the law in copyright cases, A Japanese company sued a Scotsman in a California court for breaking California state law. Yeah, it’s another DeCSS case but not involving 2600 or the MPAA. The above link is to a page from November of 2000 but there is a current finding in this case. A California appeallate court has rendered a decision on jurisdiction of the California Courts in this matter and has come out agreeing that California does, indeed, have jurisdiction. I’m just hoping that there isn’t some (name the obscure country of your choice) SWAT team breaking into my house tonight to take me into custody for breaking a law in their country while I’m comfortable in my own bed in mine.

I guess I need to address the release of Dmitry Sklyrov. At first I was incensed by his arrest because I’ve got a problem with the government making laws that attempts to protect locks that just need to be improved. Now that he’s been released I’v found out a few things about his company, Elcomsoft, that makes Mr. Sklyrov a little less sympathetic. Advanced Direct Remailer (ADR) is a product made and distributed by Elcomsoft that seems to be one of their main revenue generators. Another product that also generates a great deal of their income is Advanced Email Extractor (AEE). Does this change your mind about Dmitry?