Daily Archives: Monday, 13-Aug-2001

The victim whines, ‘They made me feel like a criminal’. While this incident does bring up some questions over the use of surveillence cameras and the use of face recognition software to pick out wanted people from the crowd. This type of attitude and willingness to become a victim just irritates me.

That phone is you, dahling. This may be more than just a statement of fashion in Finland in the near future. Finland is one of the countries that requires its citizens to carry a national ID card and they can detain you there until they verify who you are just because they don’t know who you are. Finland is also the homeland of Nokia. The ubiquitious little cell phones there, and everywhere else, have in them what is known as a subscriber information module (SIM) that lets the phone company know that that phone is that phone. It doesn’t take much of a leap there to figure out that one can easily trade in the paper and plastic laminated national ID card for a silicon one embedded in the SIM of the cell phone. After remembering seeing demonstrations of soft drinks being bought from vending machines with a cell phone it doesn’t take much more of a leap to seeing all sorts of transactions when combining this national ID and the ability to purchase with a cell phone.

The article points out that even replacing passports with a cell phone could be in the future for Finns. Now since the phones would have this capability built into them anyway, it doesn’t take much more of a leap to see this ID system being implemented throughout Europe or even the rest of the world.

Now, on top of identity theft due to a cell phone being lost or stolen I see another problem. This weekend my cell phone, a Nokia, just quit working properly. If I have traded in my wallet with all the personal information contained in it for a cell phone with this new, enhanced SIM and it craps out on me while I’m a couple of hundred miles from home depending on credit cards and strangers verifying who I am, how is this going to affect my life?