Daily Archives: Wednesday, 15-Aug-2001

I don’t like the reality tv shows because I’ve got a life of my own to live but based on their success this fellow may have a way to pay for his prosthesis. “Man Plans Cutting His Legs Off Online” I’ve got to give him credit, he’s not asking me to pay for his treatment without offereing me something in return.

Niels Ferguson says he’s broken Intel’s vaunted HDCP Digital Video Encryption System. How did he do it? He isn’t saying. He’s afraid that if he does he will be thrown in jail if he ever visits this country or being sued. He’s got a point. Look at Dmitry Sklyarov.

Granted Sklyarov and his employer, Elcomsoft, were actually selling their encryption circumvention software and not just telling how the encryption scheme could be defeated but other cryptogrophers have been threatened over revealing their research.

One of the freedoms that I hold dearly is my right to say what I think and tell what I know. I’m not convinced that I’ve got an absolute freedom of speech but I’m convinced that I’ve got a near absolute right to say what I want to say as long as I can either back it up or show that it is strictly opinion that I’m offering. The DMCA is stripping a lot of that away.