Daily Archives: Friday, 17-Aug-2001

It’s a topic of conversation that comes up from time to time among friends. How do you want to check out of this world? I’ve heard some bizarre methods, usually dealing with old age and exhaustive sexual feats, but nothing can be as bizarre as reality. Man Drowns in Cat’s Water Bowl.

Rober Broyles is a despicable, pitiful man. He’s a convicted pedophile who was sentanced to a lengthy prison term for attempting to purchase sex from an eleven year old girl. The thing is that the eleven year old girl never really existed.

I’ve got mixed feelings on this one. On one hand I’d like to see every pedophile in the world put somewhere where they can’t harm any children. On the other hand, how can one be arrested for a crime against someone that only exists in the imagination? I like the fact that Broyles is out of circulation but I’m very concerned about the way it was accomplished.

Neils Ferguson explains why he doesn’t publish his HDCP results. Neils is the fellow that I mentioned a few days ago. He discovered that Intel’s HDCP is fatally flawed and as he reports it, “The flaws in HDCP are not hard to find. As I like to say: “I was just reading it and it broke.” The proper thing to do would be to allow him to divulge his findings to the public and allow Intel, or another company to repair the damage by coming up with a system that both works and is secure. The DMCA, in its current form isn’t going to allow that.

Hmm, a US firm offers stars DNA copyright. Supposedly this is to give someone legal recourse in case they are cloned against their will. Could this mean a forced abortion for the surrogate mother? What if the clone isn’t discovered until after birth? Will that recourse include termination of the clone, a human being? I’m not real sure what recourse there could be after the time that the clone has been implanted in the surrogate womb. How would identical twins settle on the ownership of the copyright? What if one wanted a clone and the other didn’t? All sorts of questions come out of this.