Daily Archives: Wednesday, 22-Aug-2001

Artists House, Key West, Fl.

This is called the Artists House and it is the home of a strange tale of a doll. The doll was made by a young Haitian woman in service to the prominent Key West Otto family for the young son of the household. He immediately took to the doll and started calling the doll by his first name, Robert, and started going by his middle name, Gene.

Gene grew up but always remained in company of the doll, Robert. When the Gene would get blamed for anything he would immediately pass the blame on to Robert. This continued on into adulthood. Gene became an artist and when he married he brought his bride, Anne, to Key West and moved into the above home. After moving into the home he immediately began rennovating one of the rooms, for a sewing room, the young bride thought, but that was not the case. He had transformed it into a room with furniture all scaled to Robert’s size.

This is one of the better stories on the Ghost Tours of Key West. My wife and I have taken these tours in Charleston, SC and St. Augustine, FL. and I was a little disappointed in this one but I’m still glad I took it.

More evidence that we are becoming just too litigious is the case of Robert Novak v. APD List Members. Robert Novak operates Petswarehouse.com, not to be confused with Petswarehouse.com and let his dissatisfaction be known on an aquatic plants mailing list hosted by Active Window Publications, Inc. I’ve done similar things when I was dissatisfied with a vendor and unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion with them. I guess that Mr. Novak sees it more lucrative to sue the pants off of Mr. Resler and the list owner than to attempt to generate goodwill. He’s asking for $15 million in compensatory and punitive damages.