Daily Archives: Thursday, 23-Aug-2001

A note from Kord

Hey Justin.

Thanks for asking me to post over here. I’ll try to contribute more than this from time to time….

This is a pretty good Wired article Debating Merits of Palms in Class. I bought my youngest son a Palm M100 when he entered middle school last year in hopes that it would help him get organized. It didn’t but what it did do was get him reading a little more often. I installed the Palm Reader on it for him along with some Rudyard Kipling short stories. I think the organization will eventually come but that is something that he is going to have to develop first and then learn how best to apply the PDA to help him remain organized. The e-book aspect of the Palm, though, does appear to have a lot of merit. Imagine the reduction in copying costs if all those handouts could just be beamed to each student.