Monthly Archives: September 2001

In a report from the OnionHijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell: ‘We Expected Eternal Paradise For This,’ Say Suicide Bombers. I’ve had friends talk about carpet bombing Afghanistan with leaflets that jus say “Boom”. My vote would be leaflets containing this article.

Remember Brian Dalton? He’s that fellow that kept a journal of sexual fantasies invovlving children. His journal is now a public document. Now what he was jailed for even writing down is a part of public record thanks to those very prosecutors who pushed to jail Mr. Dalton placing the document into evidence.

Something seems very warped about this. I wonder if the court clerk could be prosecuted for distributing child pornography by making photocopies of the journal for people who request it. It is public record now.

I understand that we are living in unusual times. I understand the need for heightened security measures during these times. However, I do not want a national ID card now or ever. So, with Larry Ellison urging national ID cards, and offering free software to implement the system, it may be time for me to check my portfolio and make sure I’m not investing in Oracle, even in mutual funds.

There are some parts of American life you just don’t mess with.

The Washington post is reporting that Phil Zimmerman is getting a lot of grief from people who blame him for the terrorist that attacked the WTC and the Pentagon having encryption technology that enabled them to pull off the attacks. He’s also feeling a bit of guilt himself even though he has intellectually resolved the issue. One still can’t help what the heart feels. Personally, if you are going to blame Zimmerman you might as well go back and blame the Wright brothers as well.

Okay, Jews for Jesus is using Curious George and Houghton Mifflin Co. is miffed. If I was them I probably would be too but what really got me about this story is this:

The publisher’s gross sales and licensing revenue from the Curious George rights was about $100 million in 2001.

This is from a character that was introduced about 60 years ago! I’m going to make another go at writing children’s books.

Chalk one up for the motorists. A judge in San Diego has sided with motorists in a suit regarding traffic ticket issued by a red light camera system. It seems that the city gave new meaning to the idea of monthly quotas for tickets by paying Lockheed-Martin, the company contracted to maintain and operate the cameras, $70 per ticket issued. This fee didn’t set well with the judge.

Since the cameras were installed at 19 intersections, they have issued citations carrying a $271 fine for each conviction, with Lockheed Martin getting $70 of every fine paid. Attorneys for the motorists argued that because the company’s fees were based on the number of tickets issued, the system was flawed.

I know a few traffic officers in Chattanooga that would love to be paid a commission on tickets written.

Comedy Central has a tv show called Battlebots which pits mechanical robots against each other. Barrett Lyon is a small ISP that owns the domain name which he uses in respect to IRC and has held for a year longer than the Battlebots tv show has held their tradmark on the name “Battlebots”. Yep, you guessed it. Here come the lawyers.

Now I enjoy Battlebots, the tv show, very much but this really bothers me what they are doing. I can do without watching the show so maybe I should write Comedy Central a letter and let them know how I feel.