Daily Archives: Wednesday, 05-Sep-2001

Okay, Jews for Jesus is using Curious George and Houghton Mifflin Co. is miffed. If I was them I probably would be too but what really got me about this story is this:

The publisher’s gross sales and licensing revenue from the Curious George rights was about $100 million in 2001.

This is from a character that was introduced about 60 years ago! I’m going to make another go at writing children’s books.

Chalk one up for the motorists. A judge in San Diego has sided with motorists in a suit regarding traffic ticket issued by a red light camera system. It seems that the city gave new meaning to the idea of monthly quotas for tickets by paying Lockheed-Martin, the company contracted to maintain and operate the cameras, $70 per ticket issued. This fee didn’t set well with the judge.

Since the cameras were installed at 19 intersections, they have issued citations carrying a $271 fine for each conviction, with Lockheed Martin getting $70 of every fine paid. Attorneys for the motorists argued that because the company’s fees were based on the number of tickets issued, the system was flawed.

I know a few traffic officers in Chattanooga that would love to be paid a commission on tickets written.