Daily Archives: Monday, 12-Nov-2001

Moulinex, a french appliance manufacturer is in bankruptcy and is being dissolved so the workers rig the factory with explosives because they aren’t happy with their severence pay.

Union official Serge Robine said 100 members of staff had rigged the plant in northern France with explosives on Monday, threatening to blow it up unless they are offered special redundancy payments. Robine told Reuters news agency workers at the plant, in the Normandy town of Cormelles-le-Royal, have put bottles of oxygen, acetylene and butane as well as acids and petrol on the roof of the plant and near a gas cistern.

This doesn’t sound like negotiations, it sounds like extortion.

Here’s a list of Fatal Airbus Events. The A300, up until today, had only been involved in eight fatal events. Four of them involved hijackers killing passengers and no crash. Out of the other four, two involved pilot error resulting in a crash, one involved poor weather and one was shot down by a surface to air missle fired from the U.S.S. Vincinnes. I’m not speculating anything, just pointing out the history of the A300.