Daily Archives: Tuesday, 13-Nov-2001

I was watching Good Morning America this morning on ABC trying to figure out why that plane crashed yesterday. They had John Nance on, their aviation consultant, and he was telling us what was known and trying to analize what had happened from these sketchy details. He had the following to say.

Based on the sketchy details emerging from the crash site, ABCNEWS aviation consultant John Nance said two explanations are possible for the jet’s downing. There could have been a loss of control of the aircraft due to an internal explosion for mechanical reasons, or there could have been an explosion of an incendiary device inside the plane.

The way the plane broke up, though, is puzzling, because it seems that there must have been more than one explosion to cause both engines to fall off and the vertical stabilizer to break off.

“There are a tremendous number of problems in trying to construct a scenario in why we found engines in different places, the fuselage in another place and an almost pristine vertical fin in the water,” Nance said on Good Morning America.

What’s so difficult about this? The vertical stabilizer came off and as it did it caused the plane to violently yaw in one direction or the other. These forces caused the engine mount pylons to break away to avoid tearing off the wings, just the way they were designed to do. The only question is, why did the vertical stabilizer come off?