Daily Archives: Friday, 16-Nov-2001

Finally, I’m hearing a little recognition from the Europeans for what the US has been doing, and been expected to do, for a while. British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon said in a call for the European Union to forge a rapid reaction force:

“There needs to be a recognition that we can’t always depend on the U.S., that we’ve got to be contributing to capabilitiesand improving capabilities in a way that isn’t possible within the relatively limited national budgets of a series of Europeanstates,” Hoon said.

I know that as the last standing “Superpower” we have certain responsiblities in the world and I know that we haven’t always lived up to those responsiblities. I also believe that we have been expected to intercede in places that we have had no business by members of the EU. If the EU is expecting to unify Europe into one political force that could be termed a “Superpower” then I believe it is time for them to also step up and accept the responsibilities to the rest of the world that that status entails.