Daily Archives: Tuesday, 20-Nov-2001

TIME.com is suggesting that there may be bin Laden doubles which not only could make it difficult to capture or kill the right man, it could also allow al-Qaeda to continue claiming bin Laden to still be at large or alive even if he actually is captured or killed. However, John Le Carre points out the ego behind bin Laden and suggests:

Faux Bin Ladens, particularly those born outside of the privileges and entitlements the real one inherited, may find that a tough act to mimic.

I tend to agree with this and perhaps this is another area that biometrics will play a part in in the future.

Dori disagrees with me and I’m not real sure why. Jake related a wonderful story about a fourth grade episode involving his teacher and a busy-work assignment. I’m the parent of two boys, twelve and seventeen, and I probably would have done the same thing that Jake’s mom did in his story. Busy-work makes absolutely no sense at all and is a drag on an efficient workforce. Allowing our children to be conditioned to find this type of work acceptable only extends the acceptablity of doing this type of work into the next generation. Jake seems to have another take on busy-work.

An interesting aside, this exchange has spanned over a number of weblogs and journals.