Daily Archives: Wednesday, 21-Nov-2001

Dave, is there a little sour grapes here? Richard Stallman was given a gift, not paid for work done, when he received the Takeda Award. You get paid for pushing the envelope everytime you sell a package of Frontier. There is a difference there that you need to recognize. I’m not a huge Richard Stallman fan but I do recognize that he has been a huge promoter of open computing, the basis of the reward. The market place is your reward.

Well, the toll from the attack at the trade center Is down sharply accourding to the New York Times. The count currently stands at just over 4,000 with officials thinking it will be down around 3,700. While that may make some people feel better, it doesn’t change my feelings about the attack much at all. Don’t get me wrong, I want that number to be as low as possible, but unless it reaches zero the fact remains that there was too much human life lost over this.

What my worry is is that some will use this lowered number in the same manner that some revisionist have used lower numbers of the holocaust to somehow make the Nazis look like not such bad fellows afterall. Al Qaeda is just as much of a menace to the safety of the world and just as evil of an organization whether 6,000 were killed in the attack or 600, just as the same as the Nazis even under revisionist claims.