Daily Archives: Saturday, 24-Nov-2001

Larry Ellison has just tattooed a big target on his ass. Aside from the fact that he’s just invited every hacker in the world to converge on his new email server with his assertion that it was secure, he’s also missed the boat in understanding why Exchange Server has so many security holes.

“We don’t want people to migrate from Microsoft e-mail. We want people to throw out Microsoft Exchange for a server that works,” Ellison said.

One of the major selling points of Exchange Server is how well in integrates with Outlook. Exchange Server has security holes in and of itself without Outlook but so does Outlook with the most dangerous of them residing in Outlook.

Organizations use the Exchange/Outlook combination due to all the bells and whistles that it has and its those bells and whistles that make it so easy to attack. For Oracle to offer the same functionality in their mail server as Exchange server offers they are going to have holes that someone will find and exploit. If they don’t offer the functionality they aren’t going to sell their server.

You remember the guy that ran past the security checkpoint at Hartsfield International Airport last week? Do you remember all the flights that got screwed up because of his little prank? Do you remember him being blamed for several million dollars of lost revenue and increased expenses for the airlines? Well, that’s not all of it, he’s also being blamed for a market crash by The Taipei Times. Well at least he won’t be facing any federal charges.

In a nation where illiteracy is rampant and the average monthly income is $4 we are offering $25 milion for the capture of Osama bin Laden. Have you stopped to think what the average Afghan thinks of that? Most of them don’t like bin Laden, regardless of of the demonstrations we see elsewhere. It seems most Afghans blame him for the destruction of their country but they are not going to seek out the reward. They are too busy seeking out food.

“Thanks for all the bombs, now leave.” That appears to be the message that Northern Alliance Defence Minister Mohammad Quassim Fahim wishes to convey. He doesn’t like all the Brits operating out of the Bagram airbase near Kabul. He claims they are there without the agreement of the Northern Alliance. I don’t think things are going to go very well for Afghanistan in the future.