Daily Archives: Sunday, 25-Nov-2001

Okay, some people got hurt, and that’s not funny, but the incident still drew a smile from me

It was unclear how many people were on dance floor when it collapsed. Zavinsky said more than 500 people attended the party, which began at 10 p.m. Saturday. The event was billed as a celebration for people with the astrological signs Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Now shouldn’t these folks have known by their horoscope that attending this party would be a bad idea? :-)

About twenty-five years ago my younger brother was heavily involved in racing slot cars. He and some of his friends decided to attend a race event being held in Cinicinatti. It was a rainy night, miserable for driving, as they made their way through Kentucky heading for the races. Suddenly they found themselves being pulled over and surrounded by police cars. My brother and the other occupants were pulled out of the car, not even being allowed time to put on their shoes, in the rain with state troopers holding riot guns on them. They matched the description of a group of men that had just knocked over a bank, killing a security guard in the process.

It was soon figured out that my brother and his friends were not the culprits they were seeking and they were allowed to go on their way, wet and miserable for the next couple of hours of their journey. I really expected my brother to be really pissed at the police officers that had pulled him over and treated him that way but he wasn’t. He understood that circumstances required that he be treated the way he was until they were sure that he and his friends were not the ones responsible for the robbery and murder and were not any threat to the police officers.

That understanding may be wearing thin on the hundreds who sit in custody after the 9-11 attack.

Over all, more than 1,200 people have been detained as part of the sweeping investigation, including men traveling the country with large amounts of cash and box cutters, and those who sought information on crop-dusters and flying lessons on large jets.

Like my brother, I would imagine many of these folks understood that circumstances required that they be held in custody. Also, like my brother, I imagine those same folks aren’t really too happy about the circumstances. After two months, though, I would think that most of them are getting a little tired of being patient and are ready to either be turned loose, deported or face charges. At least, that’s the way I would feel about now.