Daily Archives: Monday, 26-Nov-2001

Okay, the FBI is working on eavesdropping tools and hacking methods to allow themselves access to our computers. Hurray for them, I’m glad they have these tools at their disposal. As long as they are used legally I have no problem at all. Afterall, they are out after the bad guys. Aren’t they? Let them get a court order to use these tools and everyone, except the bad guys, should be happy. Right? That’s the way it works. Isn’t it? Here’s the rub for me, though:

At least one antivirus software company, McAfee Corp., contacted the FBI on Wednesday to ensure its software wouldn’t inadvertently detect the bureau’s snooping software and alert a criminal suspect.

That isn’t McAfee’s place. McAfee can either look out after their customer’s best interest or they can look out after the FBI’s best interest, but they can’t do both. I’m uninstalling every bit of software I have from them and finding an alternative that is out to protect me from all intruders.

Well, it looks like the Borg are closer than we thought:

The latest issue of the British journal Advanced Materials offers a case in point: Picture grafting a microelectronic circuit directly onto a human brain cell. Do this successfully, and you’ve opened the floodgates for bioelectronic devices from brain implants, therapies and prosthetics to neural computers.

Maybe a step like this is something that is needed to stave off Vernor Vinge’s Coming Technological Singularity. ;-)