Excite@Home Playing Games with AT&T

Well, this is disheartening. Excite@Home is playing games with AT&T and it could likely lead to an outage for me @ my home. My service is through Comcast and their assurances to me aren’t very assuring:

Comcast: Spokeswoman Jenni Moyer said the company was “continuing to talk with Excite@Home and working to try and reach a resolution.” She would not comment on the company’s plans in the case of an outage.

In a letter sent to customers, Comcast said it was working “to develop a Comcast-managed network” to provide service. The letter also gave customers phone numbers and Web sites for more information, and stated that the company would automatically credit customers’ accounts for time without service.

The really sad part is that I think my modem is out.

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