Daily Archives: Friday, 30-Nov-2001

I guess I’ll find out for sure later tonight when I get home but ZDNet doesn’t think I’m at a huge risk of losing my fast internet.

Analysts don’t expect the service to be closed, putting the odds Friday at about 35 percent that Carlson will rule that Excite@Home can shut down, leaving its cable partners and 4.1 million customers in the lurch.

I think I need to find out who this guy has his insurance with.

A man who says he uses marijuana for medicinal purposes received $5,525 from his insurance company after arguing that the backyard crop police ripped up was covered by his homeowner’s policy.

It’s only been within the last few years that astronomers have been able to find evidence of other planets outside of our own solar system. Due to the nature of one of these planets atronomers were actually able to see the planet rather than just infer its existence from the wobble of the star that the planets gravitational pull caused. Well, some clever scientist figured out how to analyse the atmosphere of that planet and CNN gives us this headline:

CNN.com – Atmosphere detected on distant planet – November 28, 2001

It’s a straight forward and interesting read. However, compare it to the headline about from Guardian Unlimited which states:

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | New planet sparks hopes for alien life.

Now which story would you rather read. :^)

I went to sleep with the tv on last night. At some time, I’ve never known exactly when, the all night news comes on and I often wake up just enough to get bits and pieces of news stories. One of the stories that sunk in and invaded my dreams was George Harrison dies.

He was probably the Beatle I had the most respect for. Though he was a follower of a different religion than me, Harrison was a Godly man. Harrison’s family issued a statement saying: “He left this world as he lived in it, conscious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends.” There isn’t a much better way to leave life. Rest in peace, George.