Daily Archives: Monday, 03-Dec-2001

Okay, appears that not everyone is positively impressed by Dean Kamen’s new baby. Robin (Roblimo) Miller of Slashdot fame sees it’s primary uses as a getaway vehicle for drug dealers, pickpockets and purse snatchers, while others just don’t see the point.

With me I guess I’m just intrigued by the technology. Also, I keep thinking, “There’s more to it than what was shown.”

I was a little late getting to work this morning because I hung around the house to watch IT being unveiled on Good Morning America. While Stychen was unimpressed by it I was. No, it really didn’t live up to its hype but this thing is truely a technological marvel.

The transporter, which can go up to 12 miles an hour, looks more like a lawn mower than a scooter and has no brakes. It is designed to mimic the human body’s ability to maintain its balance; riders control the speed and direction of the device simply by shifting their weight and using a manual turning mechanism on one of the handlebars.

I don’t think I’ll be using this thing to commute back and forth from work but I can see using it to get back and forth from the community swimming pool during the summer, even in the extremely hilly community I live in.

Okay, if I get a ticket in D.C. I’m just going to plead guilty and pay it. If these guys aren’t going to be given a break then there is no hope for me.

Some officers have paid so many tickets that they are no longer speeding or running red lights to get to their dispatched calls even in emergency situations, Sgt. Neill said.

In emergency situations I’ll forgive them and I think the courts should to but this implies that not all are given in emergency situations and in that, I applaud the D.C. traffic courts.

I had to put a long time pet to sleep Saturday. My dog had fallen off of 40 foot bluff about 10 months ago and never completely recovered. She seemed to be doing better but between age and a couple of other health problems it was time to put her down. It was something that had to be done and I’m not one to feel comfortable giving that job to a stranger. So, with shotgun in hand I took care of the job myself and it took a toil. After completing the task of burying her and cleaning up I found myself shaking. I knew I needed to write something but at the time I didn’t want it in this journal. I want to take a second here to thank Rebecca for giving me that place.

Rebecca and her husband, Ron, do a wonderful job of giving some teens and young adults who don’t quite fit in with the plastic “in” crowd a place to talk and express themselves. Caring guidance is offered without being preachy and the kids seem to respond well to it. This weekend it also helped this middle aged old man through a rough moment.