Daily Archives: Tuesday, 04-Dec-2001

This story bothered me. A public library in Boulder had an art exhibit to benefit a battered women’s shelter. That part is all well and good. I support a battered women’s shelter here at home. I think they are a needed resource in the battle against domestic violence. The part that bothers me is that this art exhibit had on specific exhibit which contained 21 ceramic penises hung on a clothesline. The exhibit was titled “Hanging Them Out to Dry”. For some reason advocating the mutilation of men does not seem an appropriate response to domestic violence.

It didn’t seem appropriate to Mr. Rowan, either. He stole the penises in front of several witnesses and then called the police to confess what he had done. It seems he felt the same way I do about the exhibit. It was sending the wrong message to his five year old daughter.

To me this article gives evidence that David Coursey is in need of a life, . . . and a few less cups of coffee. The internet may truely be in need of regulation. I won’t argue the point on that but @Home’s bankruptcy hardly is indication of that. I guess what really got me was this:

If the Internet really matters–if it’s that essential to whatever remains of the “new economy”–then it needs to be regulated to prevent precisely what happened: A messy legal situation in which customer needs were forgotten, as giant corporations feud over their self-interests, not ours.

First, there never was a “new economy”. He really needs to understand that if he is going to be an industry pundit. Business may be all about growth but that growth has to be stimulated by profits, not the exuberance of investors.

Second, if the life of my business relied on never being without an interrruption in my internet feed I’m not going to have only one feed. I know my needs are going to be forgotten by any vendor that is fighting for its very life. Heck, I even have a contingency plan for my home machine, I go back to using a modem with an ISP I maintain a relationship with. If that fails, I spend time with my wife and kids. One’s life should not revolve around connectivity.

Third, and this is something that he admits to but it still just went right over his head, regulation did not prevent Northpoint’s customers from going dark. When the money dries up there ain’t no amount of regulations going to keep the lights on. That’s a fact of life Mr. Coursey seems to have not learned.

Actually, the @Home’s bankruptcy may be the best thing that could possibly happen to the future of broadband connectivity. AT&T is going to operate their own nationwide broadband network, as is Comcast and Cox Communications. Deregulation is going to open up the cable market to multiple vendors in an area and all of them are going to offer broadband services at some point, building their own regional networks. With all this bandwidth available along with all the competition, prices are going to have to fall. I can only view all of this as a good thing.

David Corsey needs to learn to look on the bright side but he’ll never be able to do that as long as he wears his blinders.