Daily Archives: Wednesday, 05-Dec-2001

I guess I’ll never stop being surprised at what comes out of Harold Coker’s mouth. We’ve got a county commission chairman, Bill Hullander, here in Hamilton County that has said some things that I think are dumb. He wants to put the Ten Commandments up in the County Courthouse, even though putting them there won’t change one damn thing in this community, and put the county at risk of a lawsuit that will require my tax dollars to defend. Jeff Styles called him a dumbass on the air while criticizing the county commission over this. So suddenly, Commissioner Coker, in my opinion one of the biggest dumbasses on the commission decides he needs to be in on this:

Commissioner Coker said, “This is pretty serious stuff. A very popular and noted disc jockey – I’ll just call his name – Jeff Styles – called our chairman a dumb ass – on the air.”

Commissioner Coker said, “In the morning paper it is alleged that Mr. Styles was stopped by police, that he had marijuana in his car, and that he ran a red light. He was cited to court.

“My question to you is ‘Who’s dumb?'”

My answer? They both are but Jeff Styles isn’t running the county commission and spending my county tax dollars. Commissioner Coker you are also a dumbass, in my opinion, for even thinking that Mr. Styles on air antics or his being caught with a marijuana pipe is anything that needs to be discussed at a county commission meeting.