Daily Archives: Wednesday, 12-Dec-2001

There is a thread going on over on Flutterby about building tools for working with websites like this journal and weblogs. Part of this is to enhance collaboration between the site owner, its users and other sites but I also see it as method of encouraging the journaler, or ‘blogger, to journal or ‘blog more frequently.

One tool I would love to see built would enable me to jot down notes in my PDA and those notes be sent to this journal whenever I synced to my PC. Another tool, which would have to work at the server level, might link similar threads across sites.

And while I’m on this “wish list” of tools, I always thought the glossary Dan had/has working on Flutterby was very cool. I’d like to see that glossary available to work across sites. In other words, items added to the glossary would be available both on Flutterby and here or anyother site that wished to participate in that type of collaboration.