Daily Archives: Thursday, 20-Dec-2001

I’m trying hard to find exactly what it was about WaSP that suddenly set Shelly, at Burningbird, off. Okay, the group did/does have its own bit of arrogance to them but what did they do lately and why this rant now? Also, I believe she is giving way too much credit to WaSP for Netscape’s problems with the release of their 6.0 browser. Yes it was released too soon but I don’t think that WaSP is the primary reason for that. The primary reason was that Netscape 4.x crashed hard on CSS and JavaScript that was being used on more and more and more sites. A fix had to be released.

Well, after three months, the Ground Zero fires are finally out. The smoke and smell are finally gone so hopefully this will help New Yorkers in the job of getting on with their lives. Sitting here in Chattanooga every thing has pretty much gotten back to normal and there have been several days that I haven’t thought about the 9-11 attack. The constant haze hanging over New York from the fire along with the plume of acrid smoke arising from Ground Zero has been a constant reminder of what happened to them. It has prevented them from the reprieve that I’ve managed to enjoy sitting several hundred miles away. Maybe they too can forget occassionally now.