Daily Archives: Friday, 21-Dec-2001

I just picked up a copy of blogBuddy and I’m giving it a try. I let ya’ll know what I think of it in a few days.

I’m going to agree with Dave’s opinion on why XP isn’t jumping off the shelves. The reason that I haven’t upgraded to XP is not because of the cost to purchase or the hassle to upgrade or even the uncertainty of full compatability with my current software and work habits. The reason I haven’t upgraded is because of uncertainty as to how this new license registration is going to work out. I don’t like having to call or or otherwise contact people for support. I have this fear that if I load XP at the worst possible moment I’m going to add some piece of hardware to my computer and it won’t boot because of the licensing thingy built into XP.

At some point in the future IP owners are going to have to recognize that its the money they stand to make that is what is important, not whether or not every copy of their product is properly licensed. When you give up sales to protect yourself from IP theft you are only going backwards. Pirates will not buy so why be so overly concerned with them that you lose sales?

Elves are Finnish? The Finnish Epic Behind Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings:

The Finnish language that so delighted the young student became the inspiration for the lyrical tongue of Middle-earth’s elves. Tolkien taught himself the ancient and newly codified Finnish to develop his elfin language, and so that he could read the Kalevala in its original Finnish. This extraordinary achievement opened the door to many further influences from Finnish mythology. Parallels abound between the Kalevala and Tolkien’s own saga, in terms of both the characters themselves and the idea of the hero’s journey.

I loved the books but I’m going to have to see that movie before year end.

Ha, where else but MIT? One Ring To Rule The Dome. On a snowy morning during Fall finals, at the beginning of the week that the first Lord Of The Rings movie was to be released, a “gold” ring with red Elvish script appeared around the Great Dome. The elvish script translates to:

“One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness bind them.”

If you are running Windows XP on a computer that you connect to the internet you really need to read this.

Microsoft Corp. is urging customers to quickly install a patch to repair serious flaws in the newest version of Windows, which was marketed as the most secure ever.

The problems allow hackers to steal or destroy a user’s data files across the Internet or implant rogue computer software.

Microsoft has a fix available but it makes me wonder what will be found next.