Daily Archives: Saturday, 22-Dec-2001

A dying 15 year old boy in Australia had a last request, to lose his virginity before he died. Well, would you try to arrange to have the last request honored? Remember, the lad is a minor and there’s a risk of the woman being charged with sexual abuse wether the act is consensual or not. I would really be interested to see some comments on this one.

Shelley gives an explanation of what set her off on WaSP. She makes a compelling argument for her case but also asks this question:

Couldn’t we have waited a year or two for that? Couldn’t we have used HTML tables for layout just one more year? What would be the harm in waiting? The Mozilla folks (and the Netscape people on the Mozilla project) are working on standards support, but it takes time. And open source projects, unfortunately, usually take more time than commercial ventures. That’s a business fact of life. Couldn’t we have been patient?

Shelley, we waited two years. Your complaint is that standards compliance, or compliance for the latest standards, shouldn’t come at the cost of innovation but what about innovation on the part of web developers? Without user agents that comply to current standards the web designer is going to be too busy building workarounds to have time to work on innovative designs.

See, Shelley, we are all in this thing together. If one of us fails in delivering the technology the rest of us needs then the rest of us will also fail in our part of the equation. IE and Opera were out the door and delivering browsers that were compliant with CSS 2 and XHTML 1 browsers. Netscape was late but now they have delivered a browser that is compliant with these standards. Even the latest release of Konqurer and Galleon, especially Galleon, appear to meet these standards. But was two years too long of a wait? Yes.