Daily Archives: Tuesday, 25-Dec-2001

RIP, Mom

It’s Christmas day and my mother died just a few hours ago. I’m still in sort of a state of denial at this point because I can’t believe that the woman that gave me life and that I had just talked to this morning is now dead. I’ve never seen my father in so much pain.

She got up this morning and she and dad had breakfast and exchanged a few Merry Christmases with family and friends. She then went into the living room for a short nap while dad went out to the den for his short midmorning nap. Mom never woke back up.

Their preacher came by to comfort Dad, my brother and me while we were waiting for the funeral home to come pick up her body. “She’s gone to be with Jesus”, he told us. I didn’t bother to tell him that Mom had been with Jesus every day of her life since I could remember. She was that kind of a woman. Always available to serve anyone who needed her help. Never passing judgement on anyone. That was Momma.

She taught me about Kingdom Living through the way she lived, not by telling me what I needed to be doing. What? You say you’ve never heard of Kingdom Living?

Kingdom living is the Christian equivilent of the Buddhist Nirvana. It’s living in a morally and ethically rightous state without standing in judgement of others or even being aware that this lifestyle or behavior is anything other than normal. There is a special happiness that comes with this state of being. Some folks may look at someone who is “Kingdom Living” and see a stoic. It’s just possible that they may be correct.

Momma, I’m going to miss you.