Daily Archives: Wednesday, 02-Jan-2002

Via NewsForge comes an internal memo from Microsoft detailing new ways they intend to discredit Linux. Well, I can’t blame them for that. They are competing with Linux and they need to educate their sales force in how to best position their products against their comptetitors. The part that makes me laugh though is this independent study that MS has hired DH Brown to conduct that Brian Valentine appears to know the results of before the completion of the study.

III. Finally, we’re working hard to debunk the myths around Linux. We’re approaching this in waves.
a. The first wave will attack the perception that Linux is free. To that effect, we’ll have an independent analysis commissioned by DH Brown looking at a very popular topic these days — server consolidation. If you’re not seeing this yet, you probably will. IBM is proposing to use Mainframes running many virtual instances of Linux as a low cost server consolidation scenario for file and print, messaging, and database activities. The DH Brown report will be customer ready and will help your customer understand just how competitive Microsoft is in this arena.

Kind of breaks your confidence in just how independent an independent study is. Don’t it?

With one comment from Dave Winer, Burningbird goes on to nail the concept of community among webloggers. Dave’s comment?:

Your discussion on web standards got better when I gave it a prominent link.

Dave, it wasn’t just you. Shelley had an interesting comment that I also linked to, as did Flutterby and many other webloggers. The discussion got better because word got out about the discussion. Isn’t that what community is all about?