Daily Archives: Tuesday, 08-Jan-2002

Dave had a link to the story about the bad service at the DoubleTree Houston which Shelley linked to but then Dave to his link down. The link is here and it explains why he took down the link to this PowerPoint presentation which I was lucky enough to find. (I don’t know for how long this link will be good seeing as how Joseph Crosby, General Manager of DoubleTree Houston is at convincing folks that they require his permission to talk about him and this incident.) I’m linking to all this because I want to see if I get contacted over it. One thing is sure, though. I will never stay at the DoubleTree in Houston even though I am a Hilton HHonors member.

##Update, Dave posted a link to this USA Today article letting us know the rest of the story. After reading this I might go ahead and stay at the DoubleTree in Houston afterall.

I just found out that Microsoft is suing Lindows.com over the name. That isn’t really that much of a surprise however, Microsoft also has this to say:

“We are not asking the court to stop the production of this product. We are simply saying that they shouldn’t use a name that confuses the public,” Microsoft spokesperson Jon Murchinson says. “We would prefer to work with them to resolve this problem voluntarily.”

Lindows Logo

Sure, Jon, I can see how confusing the two names can be. I confuse my “l’s” and “w’s” all the time. And that logo, it sure looks like that Windows logo to me.

Via Larkfarm, came a link to a site about the SR-71 Blackbirds with some fascinating question and answer section.

5. What materials was it constructed with?

Actually, it was the first true Stealth aircraft. It is composed of Titanium and Composite (plastic) materials. The landing gear is the largest piece of titanium ever forged in the world. The United States did not have enough Titanium to build the fleet and ironically, we bought the needed Titanium from Russia.

These things were built for $33 million each and sold for $34 million each to the US. I wonder how much the scrap titanium would go for in salvage?

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten excited about a new car design. I guess it was really back around 1969 with the Dodge Charger Daytona. As a teenager, that wing just did something for me. Well, that was over thirty years ago and I thought I’d nver feel that way again. Actually, I still don’t. The wing just looked cool, this whole concept is way beyond cool. Take a clean sheet of paper and design a car around a fuel cell. Think about it, one chassis, with a twenty year life span, and multiple body configurations that you reconfigure as your needs change.

This hits the recycle, reduce and reuse philosphy nail right square on its head. Instead of a new car every three to five years you adapt your current car to your current needs. You start out your car owning life with a little two seater and a single fuel cell. You leave home and get married and you change it to a hatchback. Kids come along and you add a fuel cell for more power, extend the chassis and add the SUV body kit. When you become an empty nester you shift over to the luxury sedan kit. All this and the only emmissions are water and heat.

On top of this you have the aftermarket industry supplying custom body parts for a resurrgence of the carriage companies. GM supplies the chassis and drivetrain and all these old custom van companies start supplying custom bodies.

Yeah, I know its still several years away but it just excites me thinking about the possibilities.