Daily Archives: Thursday, 10-Jan-2002

Dave Winer points out that IBM had 3,411 patents issued to it by the USPTO last year. That’s 3,411 seperate patentable ideas that you or I can not put to productive use without first paying IBM a royalty on their use even if we come up with one of those ideas in a clean room.

Eric has an entry on Flutterby that has me thinking about where I view myself in cyberspace. He’s been learning that interaction with real live people and laying hands on real physical material has been much more rewarding lately than interaction with online people and laying hands on “code”. I’ve known Eric for about seven years and I’ve got to say that he is the Geek’s Geek when it comes to computers. I’ve always enjoyed face to face encounters with him and have come away rewarded from every meeting we’ve had.

Still, he’s been through a lot lately and I’m glad to see him coming to terms with himself in “meatspace” (his term and I like it). It has gotten me to thinking about my place in cyberspace and meatspace. I hope I’m melding them very well. I don’t view the two as mutually exclusive. My acquaintances online have turned into real life acquaintances and my dealings with folks I know in meatspace has been enhanced as they have come online. I think that’s the way it needs to be.

For instance, I got a nice note from, Meryl yesterday. This is someone that I wouldn’t have met had I not had this journal. Meryl is a real person and by understanding that and treating her as such then my real world life is enhanced. Meryl found this journal by reading BurningBird, I had commented on a couple of items over there. Shelley, the BurningBird, left a comforting comment on this site when my mother died a couple of weeks ago. That really meant a lot to me and my “meatspace” was further enhanced. These are people that I haven’t meet in the analog but who I know are very real people.

Over on Chattanooga Message Forum are a bunch of people that I have met in “meatspace” that I got acquainted with in “cyberspace”. These folks, too, are very special to me. I don’t get to meet with them a lot so the interaction I have with them online keeps them close.

I’m rambling now but the thought is that there really doesn’t need to be the seperation of our lives into “meatspace” and “cyberspace”. They enhance each other and should interact with each other. I think this should be reflected not only in our interaction with people online but with the software we develop for use here.

I got to get back to work.

The Wasington Post is reporting that some Taliban Leaders are being freed by Afghanistan and given amnesty after turning over their weapons and pledging allegiance to the new regime. The problem is that some of these leaders are on U.S. “most wanted” lists and some folks in the U.S. administration are ticked.

I’m not sure I’m so bothered by this. Haven’t we said all along that it is al-Qaeda that we were after and not the Afghan people? I will be bothered if al-Qaeda fighters are turned loose and given amnesty but not necessarily the Taliban. I personally consider Mohammad Omar a member of both.