Daily Archives: Sunday, 13-Jan-2002

I sometimes have problems with the language used on broadcast TV. As a parent I found out real fast that the words you would like for your four year old to learn a little later on in life are the ones he will pick up first. With that in mind I still find it hard to accept a TV filter that negates naughtiness.

It isn’t that I wouldn’t mind having one of these boxes when my kids were younger but with the list of 400 words it censors being unpublished and knowing that words like “jerk” and “moron” are on this list, I think it goes a little further than I would like. See it isn’t those words that bother me so much but the context they are used in. I don’t see a lot of difference between the phrase “You bleep bleep” and the phrase “You stupid jerk” when taken in the context of the rest of the dialog. It isn’t those words, its the attitude.