Daily Archives: Tuesday, 15-Jan-2002

I had a scare yesterday afternoon. My wife called me from the hospital emergency room to tell me she was there having chestpains and numbness in her left arm and for me not to worry and that I needn’t come down there because she had one of her coworkers with her. Yeah, like I was going to be anywhere but the hospital with her.

Hospitals in Chattanooga seem to change on a weekly basis. There is always construction going on and entrances being moved. I decided my best bet was to park in the parking area at the main entrance and get directed from there to the emergency room. After the first turn after entering the hospital I by chance ran into my minister. He grabbed me and took me straight to the emergency room where my wife was waiting in the waiting room to be checked out.

This was a good sign. They had already checked her vitals and determined she was not in immediate danger. No major heart attack, but still all the classic symptoms. We didn’t know exactly what was happening but there was still cause for concern. A few minutes later she was ushered back to a treatment room and I was told to “stay”. I bristled silently for a moment but I complied.

My pastor sat with me and got me calmed down. We talked about motorcycles and airplanes and travel, anything to get me thinking about other things. I realised he was very good at his job. He was there visiting another church member having a triple by-pass, the husband of a dear friend of my wife and mine who was in our Sunday School class. I count myself lucky that he “just happened” to be there when I really needed him… or did that “just happen”?

My wife came out of this okay. It wasn’t a heart attack afterall, just indigestion. All the symptoms were there for a heart attack so I’m glad she was taken to the hospital. She has been under enormous stress lately, with my mother dying, her office closing and my blood pressure rising. She worries about me, my father, the people working for her and our moving. It could very well have been a heart attack.

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment in a couple of hours to see what I need to do about my blood pressure. Maybe I can take a little of the worry off of her after the appointment.