Daily Archives: Wednesday, 16-Jan-2002

Okay, I don’t like those shoplifter sentries standing at the entrance of just about every store, they make me claustrophobic, but I tolerate them because they are mounted in the store and paid for by the store owner. However, this is going too damn far. The content industry wants me to pay for and house equipment to prevent copyright infringement. Folks, write your congressman about this stuff.

Let me get local here for a moment. The idea of tuning McCallie Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard from one way streets to two way streets is about as stupid of an idea as the city of Chattanooga has had recently. Both streets see an enormous amount of pedestrian traffic. If someone thinks it is safer for pedestrians to cross two way streets than it is for pedestrians to cross one way streets I’d like to know what type of fumes they’ve been inhaling so that I can keep my kids away from it.