Daily Archives: Thursday, 17-Jan-2002

Sounds are being made that it is the US that has lead to European GPS plans being shelved. My opinion? I hope so. Today most of Europe is our allies. Tomorrow? I don’t know about that. From the article:

Most frustrating for the Europeans is that, in essence, the Americans don’t trust them with so powerful a tool. The Europeans argue that it makes sense for the Western community to have more than one system, just in case.

Western communty? I’m not sure the US is still a part of that. Culturally, we probably are but our business ties are more with the South and the East. I’m not convinced that our next war won’t be with the EU. If that becomes the case I surely hope that we have managed to block any grounds they might make in establishing anywhere near as effective of a military as we have.

If I’m sounding like an isolationist, I’m not meaning to be. I’m all for keeping on good terms with every country in the world. That’s a two way street, though and I’m not convinced that even Europe will always be an ally. If it ever comes down to either us or them I’m always going to be cheering for us.

It takes him some time but when he gets it, he really gets it, Bill Gates has finally discovered security. Sure the man has his faults but in the past every time he has finally realized the full scope and importance of something to the future of Microsoft he bites down on it hard and won’t let go. He finally got it with networking, then he got it with the internet, now he has it with security. Don’t dismiss this as a publicity stunt. When the man gets it, the man gets it.